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The interior is a closed area made up of walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows. If we add a bit of color, materials, a piece of furniture and some of the decor, we can get a real artwork. Note that the largest area of interior consists of the walls. That’s why we give them an advantage! Walls are very important for an interior look of your space. Sometimes it will give you the impression of infinity modern look, sometimes it affects you too feel like you are in some kind of oasis of peace. Walls are the most important part of your space. They affect the lighting and everything else.

In subsequent articles, you will learn something about the types, materials and methods of coating the walls. What is always IN, what is luxury and what the leading brands among them?

One of the oldest painting techniques ever, used for walls, floors and ceilings, was a mosaic this is so called imperial monumental techniques. It is very popular in bathrooms and corridors.


Bisazza is one of the most authoritative luxury design brands and a world leader in the production of glass mosaic for interior decoration and exterior. It is the best option for your pools and bathrooms. With a good combination of glass you can get varieties of colors like waves in the ocean.

If we imagine a work of art, a painting made of tiny mosaic of various shapes, quality materials from nature, wide range of colors, this work should be called “Sicis”. The first idea was to present ancient styles with a new modern technique…


Thanks to its noble role, a stone is a very important material for human mankind, as the oldest material it is very popular even today. We use it inside and outside of the house. It is very decorative and strong at the same time.

Sometimes it is a very difficult to choose which one is the best choice is for you. I think that every type makes a different effect. If you want to make your bathroom look sparkling you should use Bisazza style. You will get the impression that your pool is a real ocean. For the old fashion bathrooms use Mosaics, you will get the impression that you are in an ancient Turkish bathroom and enjoy an oriental ambient in your own house. For more natural look the best type is certainly stone. It is a good choice for different type of the rooms. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom or even outside of the house. Personally I adore it in the garden.

When you are buying tiles and interior elements you have to pay attention not just on the beauty of the tiles but also on the price. The more decorative tiles are the more expensive they are. Again you have to pay attention on whether your tiles are going to fit to your walls. Sometimes the surface of your walls take a big part in choosing a type of tiles.
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6 Things you want to know about becoming an interior designer

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6 Things you want to know about becoming an interior designer

Do you always get compliments on your interior design taste? Do you love ornamenting rooms and setting out furniture? If you replied yes to these questions, then maybe a career in interior design is good for you.

1. There is a variance between decorators and designers
Really, anyone can become an interior designer in Pasadena. Someone who adores playing with colors, materials and textiles can become a decorator by plainly printing business cards and promoting themselves to customers. This is not automatically a bad thing, but academic background is also important.

2. You must have a talent for design

It may seem clear, but in order to become an interior designer, you need to have an intuitive flair for color, spatial arrangements, architecture and materials. Do you enjoy enhancing your home and get lots of commendation on your decor? That doesn’t automatically mean you should be an interior designer, but it’s a really good sign. The first step to a great career is to follow your passion. After all, doing things you love will never feel like work.

3. Interior design is not all fabric and fun
While material, furniture and color may play a large part in interior design, there are plenty of other tasks that are needed of interior designers, many of which may appear less like fun and more like work. Interior designers need to know the history of design, the structural integrity of buildings, building codes, ergonomics, spatial ideas, ethics, psychology, computer-aided sketching and much more.

4. The payment isn’t as high as you think

Show me the money! After all, shouldn’t someone with such a wide education get paid well? It depends. Researches show that the median playment of an entry level interior designer in the U.S. is $41,340 per year.
Of course, this hangs on a lot of component, such as education, position, work experience and size of the firm/company. An designer at a furniture firm will most likely make less than a designer who works for a high-end architectural corporation.

5. You need to be a communicational person
Ask interior designers to share their involvement, and they will surely relate some scary stories of past customers. People are difficult, mostly when it comes to their homes. While some customers have clear objective in mind, others may think they know what they want only to find that they hate the last product and are unsatisfied with your work.

6. It’s not about your style, it’s about theirs
While designers can propose their clients a wide range of design techniques to choose from, it is important to keep in mind that it is up to the clients to select what style suits them best. Just cause designers are educated and have good flavor does not make their choices superior to their customers. The interior designer’s job is to offer a variety of styles and direct the customer in the direction of the right design choice while making the client feel he is in charge.

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How to create the interior of a small apartment

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How to create the interior of a small apartment

The narrow living room
If your living room is going in length than in width, divide the space into three separate entities to sit using smaller furniture pieces. Use mirrors as a decorative element in this room, as this will illuminate the entire room daily, but also artificial light.

Multipurpose furniture
For small spaces ideal furniture for multiple purposes. If you can afford high-quality pieces of furniture that can be assembled and thus receive multiple purposes, this is the ideal solution for you will make your space more functional.

Turn the apartment in one color. It is recommended that this be gentle tones of the room will seem smaller than they are, and even tone throughout the house will contribute to your home visually appears larger.

The simpler
Another of the rules that small apartment seem larger so that it will not clutter up even furniture, but not the details. Avoid carpets and miles on the furniture and decorative pieces to a minimum. Central part of the room should be left free because it will create the illusion of width space.

A large piece of furniture

If you have a separate bedroom in a small apartment, feel free to buy as many beds. This dominant, but the main piece in the bedroom will attract attention to the fact that your room is small, because he will be the center of attention and will be room to do at least apparently bigger than it is.

1. Let the light in! In addition to the large windows, it is desirable to have a high enough lamps that will light dissipate upwards. Do not forget the corners. If they are dark, the living space will also look smaller.
2. Let your furniture has multiple roles. This means that a piece of furniture needs to serve for multiple purposes. For example, a table for eating should be able to come down and serve as a coffee table.


3. Use simple colors. Colors will only reduce your small space. Always select a basic neutral colors which you can also add a small dose volume, it would be interesting.
4. Experiment with textures. Some space will be more interesting with interesting motifs. For example diagonal design on the carpet is a good idea.

5. Mirrors do wonders in a small space. Set them so they reflect something that is worth seeing, and in doing so will make your living space look much, much higher.
6. Place home should be big enough. When planning facilities design the place for a large sofa that has plenty of room for you and your guests. In any case, avoid large armrests and other elements that reduce usability.

7. Hang the curtain from the ceiling to the floor so as to create the illusion of higher ceilings. 8. Transparent coffee tables and lamp visually expand the room. Think of lamps with glass details, tables of Plexiglas and even furniture that shows the stand.
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Shop Fitting

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Shop Fitting

What is shop fitting?
Shop fitting are the planning, design, interior arrangement stores, installation of the equipment and general renovation and equipping of a retail facility. In one study that deals with this kind of activity, usually architects experts work in interior design, experts for equipment used in retail, designers who are responsible for designing visual communication. Before entering the shop sales area, there should be a clear concept and idea of what kind of image we want to build.

First step
Arrangement of actions in cooperation with the shop filter begins with measuring and drawing space in the status qua. When the future distribution of equipment is determined, they start to develop the interior design shop that works on expert interior, at the same time working proposals design the exterior of the retail facility and interior visual communication. After selecting the internal and external decoration shop, shop fitter says the equipment and installed in accordance with the approved layout.

Clothing stores looks for such an arrangement in which a buyer at first sight gets information on the current fashion trends. Special attention is paid to the atmosphere of the stores and outward appearance. Cosmetics shops have a lot of products that are small in size with a high price, which requires that the design of the sales area is attractive primarily to female customers, and that the equipment is such as to give exposure to a large number of small and expensive products in an attractive and interesting way, on one hand, while on the other hand enable easy orientation and movement of the customer through the sales area.

Why is it important that the buyer in the sales area is relaxed and that he finds the product categories that interest him? Modern research shows consumers what is important when it comes to choosing stores.

What really defines today’s consumers is buying in a store where there is ease of purchase, which means that they can easily and quickly find a product that is requested or satisfying his needs. What you can do to your loyal customers, is offer him an innovative service or product that will enhance and enrich his experience and shopping experience.

The criteria for creating new looks

How to determine the criteria on which to create a new solution sales facility? Creativity is not infinite, in the real world, few people moving in absolute freedom when it comes to creating, especially in the business world. The principle is to create five solutions, and then choose the best. Creating a new look to the store is not because we do not have anything better to do, its because we try to mainly improve sales and raise turnover.
To do this in the best way possible, we need to recognize factors that are in the old organization stores. It is necessary to continue to define where we want to go, that is, the direction in which our retail needs to go. Shop fitter can not work without intensive communication and guidance from the people who manage retail operations.

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Top six interior design styles

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Top six interior design styles

Interior design gives you lot of possibilities and options when arranging your space and you can easily get lost among them. Now days every human has its style that has unique and different structure, so then, how should we to set up the boundaries and determent which six are the best. You can rely on former classification that still has some meaning and shape.


We can compare modern style with lifeless one. It has clean and sterile structure it is well suited for small places, but in the same time it can give illusion of bigger space. It has minimal usage of texture and colors, if they exist; they are in some neutral tone or white. This style doesn’t support excessive decorations and accessories. It has unbalanced symmetry between furniture and layout.

Contemporary style has more vivid structure. Here the bare space is important as the same object. Furniture is usually geometric with smooth curvy lines, and has some unique shape. Frames of the photos are in the bold color and essentially bolder colors over power the space. Contemporary style is usually confused with modern, because its meaning represents “design trends of the moment”

Industrial urban

This style is perfect for big open spaces. Materials that prevail in this style are metal, bricks and rough wood. Exposed structural materials are used as a feature and they represent its structure. You can often find them in building lofts that were originally industrial premises.
This style aims to create open space; open floor plan is common for this style. Unique and non-functional objects are used as a décor in this style, like a ladder or helm.

Traditional style has more homier and inviting environment. You will always fell here relaxed and cozy. Edges around furniture are always soft and curvy and furniture is often reproduced, always placed in pairs that coordinate with space. Floral patterns are often used and colors are muted and understated. This style gives lot of attention to details, order and consistency.


This style has formal structure and absence of any kind vivid colors. The key in this style is order, symmetry and balance. Woods are painted in dark color with oriented carvings. Furniture is arranged around focal point, like fireplace. It uses rich and elegant fabrics. The patterns in this type of style are museum like.

Many say that this is a style of the future. This style implies mixture of all styles and periods. It combines elements from particular styles from different time period and binds them in one. Every piece of furniture has its own place. Some may question, how is possible to organize more than one style in your home, for this it takes lot of time, effort, thoughts and creativity. Pieces, features and constituent element are important. They must be organized in this extraordinary style. When decorating is in order, firstly artist must create foundation and then using different colors, fabrics and finishes – he fills the space.

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Turn your house into a home

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Turn your house into a home

House is not only an object where you are suppose to live, it is a place where you collect positive energy, find peace and create happy memories with your family. House doesn’t need expensive furniture or top of the art devices or luxurious book shelves to feel welcoming. In life they say “Small things make it better” so why wouldn’t you use this practice for your house and make a beautiful home out of it.

Here are few advises that can be in the same time useful and creative.

All rooms are important. Don’t focus only on kitchen or living room, the places where you spend most of your time. When you go through house, it has to give you impression of warmth and comfort. Arrange all your rooms so that they feel more comfortable and relaxing.

Get rid of the mess. Clean up your house from top to bottom. Over the years you collected thing that are now only on your way. Messy home it not only an ugly one, but also can have negative influence on your consciousness.


Floors are one of the places where you should start. Imagine home without furniture and carpets, only vacant space, where every sound can be heard. That is not too appealing. Bringing a carpet into a space can give him homier look. It doesn’t matter if you bought a new one or you have one that you used before, carpet is a great sound insulation and gives a home a texture, shape and comfortable surroundings.


Use all sort of candles and essential oils to refresh your home. You can place them in any room you want, you don’t have to lighten them too often, but they are suitable accessory.
Choose aroma that best suits you, your house will smell fresher and you will feel more relaxing. Fragrances can have positive influence on your mood.

Bring natural materials in your home.
Less chemistry and more nature is a motto for all designers around world. Wood, metal, marble, clay are some of the natural elements you need to bring in your home. Wooden kitchen or floor will bring you peace and tranquility in the area and we all yearn for that.



Don’t forget plants and flowers. These are very nice accessories which will revive your space and give him more natural look and some plants can help you clean up your ear too, so you won’t need to use chemicals.

Surround yourself with good memories. There is no better way than to use photos. Photos represent memories of your loved ones, something that is recorded in time. Use lot of photos; place them in your bedroom, living room, your study. They will away bring up the good mood when you look at them.
Pet. If you have conditions for keeping a pet, you should definitely have one. They are inexhaustible sours of positive energy and happiness. They will make your house more loving and you will have one more reason to wake up in the mornings.

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